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Steps to Meeting Your Perfect Mate in 20021. Know yourself.

What are you looking for and why? In the upcoming year do you want to be in a casual dating relationship or are you looking to begin dating a serious prospect. What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to get married or date to learn more about what you are looking for?

The first step in reaching a goal is to determine what that goal is. 2. Do you have anything from your past interfering with your ability to be in a good relationship if one comes your way? For some people to be prepared to be in a serious intimate relationship they need to let go of old issues. Do you have any hidden or lingering feelings to deal with?

Ask yourself what you want most from the relationship you are seeking? There could very well be unresolved issues from your past. Are you willing to do what you need, to let go and move forward with your life? 3. Are you putting your best foot forward when you date? This questions how you feel about yourself. Would you be happier if you were in better shape, or if your personal affairs were in better shape?

Finding success in dating often happens when people are in a positive frame of mind. Sometimes we look for the love of a relationship to mask the uncomfortable feelings from other issues. If there are issues that are bothering you about your life or yourself, what can you do this year to bring them more into focus? This will not only help you to feel better about yourself but it will show your partner that you are focused on having a positive life whether you have a partner or not. 4. One of the questions we ask frequently at marsvenus.com/ is what steps are you willing to take to meet a new partner?

What are you really willing to do? Many people have strong ideas about the right way to meet a partner, are you willing to expand yours? In today's world there are many ways to put yourself in front of other singles that are looking for a relationship. Have you tried any of these new methods? Have you ever looked into dating online, or joined an organization that you have an interest in? Perhaps it's time for you to take your intentions a step further and try something new, after all they say insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results! Make this a year of getting out of your comfort zone and try something new! 5. Consider asking for help.

If you have friends that are willing to introduce you to others this can be a great way to meet new people but also have some screening done for you before you actually meet a new person. Asking a trusted friend to help you can also give you some support along the way. 6. Set some goals for yourself that you feel you can reach. So if in 2001 you went on five dates, set a goal to double that number. Remember dating is the process of meeting and learning about new people to see if there is any chemistry between you. It takes time and repitition to reach your goal, if you find yourself getting discouraged and giving up easily try pushing yourself a bit to keep meeting people, sooner or later you'll meet someone you feel a connection with, but it does take time. Remind yourself of this if you feel disappointed that it hasn't happened yet. 7. Following this would be to know yourself well enough to know if you need a break. Sometimes if a person tries too hard they can feel quite upset that it hasn't happened yet. If this happens to you, allow yourself to step away from dating for some time. Be gentle with yourself, it can be painful if you want to find a partner but are continually struggling.

Seek additional support if you need it and when you feel that you're ready, try again. Taking a break is ok for a while, but if your goal is to find a loving healthy relationship, you need to try. Once you are feeling better, try and try again, the person you are seeking is out there, and remember that they are looking for you also. 8. Keep a positive attitude about dating. There are 6 billion people on this planet, and you likely have several soul mates out there, eventually you're bound to bump into one of them! If you expect perfection from everyone you meet you are bound to experience many disapointments. This can start to show in your dating personality. If you can approach every new person with an optimistic view that this is an opportunity to meet someone new. It will likely show in your personality and in turn allow your good side to shine through. 9. As you are going through this process, be good to yourself.

Treat yourself to things that encourage you to feel good about yourself. This doesn't mean that you have to spend money on yourself. You can get just as good of a feeling from allowing yourself a full nights sleep as you do from going to dinner with friends. Remember that 99% of finding a partner is about you and how you feel about yourself. If you're in a positive frame of mind your dates will be encouraged and this makes you much more attractive than someone that feels unhappy with themselves. 10. And lastly, have fun! Dating is meant to be an enjoyable process of learning about who and what makes you happy. Enjoy the discovery process and this time next year you could be ringing in the new year with a loving partner by your side. Lieben Grußwilde Flocke

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PS: Super! Punkt 8: Es gibt nicht nur einen Seelenverwandten auf der Welt, sondern mehrere!
Ja!!! ;D
Gute Chancen also einem davon zu begegnen.
Das ist wahres Licht für meine Seele

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