Was ich dir sagen will


My never endless love
Every minute without you is like one day.
No paper in this world can be enough for that all what i want tell you.
At the first minute as i saw you i feel deep inside of me that you are the man who i want in my life.Forever
You really give all that up after we try so much to being together?
I was ever think that we have something very special what it only give one time in the world.
From one at the other day you was so cold to me that i cant understand that all.
I know i will never find or get answers for all that but that all turn around in my head.
After you tell me that you see your ex Mädchen in croatia and almost cry and you think that you never stop lover her,i was think that you lie to yourself.
That it have a other reason cause i was so sure that you love me so much how you say all the time and only must find yourself.
You say you have feelings but dont know what...that i cant understand.I all the time want believe that you lie with that and you are only little confused cause your ex was in your head.
Maybe all was to much for you in the last few month.
I know that im a very complicated person and that i push us often into agrue for nothing but only when we have trouble you show me many feelings.
Are you sure that you can forget me so easy?
I only scare that you do a wrong thing.With your ex it is the same.
You was think that you forget her but you never do.
All the time i hope it is the same with me and that i get a message from you that you miss me and love me.
You say very hard that you want forget me and i know that i never will hear something from you again but its still my hope.
I also know that you only search for your own happyness and sometimes we must leave people at that way.
Its ever hard when one person love more than the other and i was love you unconditionally and you put me to finished and completed facts and say its over and it gave no turning back.
I know that real love will win and i know that it is for nothing to write to you cause when you want me you will let me feel that.
But you dont do so my hope died every day little more.
When you dont do it was not the real love for you.
You know that the border is soon open for you and when you only have little rest of feelings,come back.
Go to airport and come here that we can start new.
I want make you happy and i will change myself.
I allready start with that and still hope that you was not forget me or stop loving me.
You have my heart in your hand and you are the only person who is in my heart.
I know all was hard for you and that you dont trust me i can understand but i never do something worst.Please believe me.
I was want ever be honest to you

I want tell you so much more but my head is full with worries.
I only can say that i love you and hope that you will see and feel that too.
Must be little rest deep in your heart.
I believe in US

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schön geschrieben. Ist das von Dir? Ist English deine Muttersprache oder war dein Ex Amerikaner / Engländer?

03.02.2011 14:03 • #2


Ja es ist von mir.
Ich musste es nur irgendwo los werden da ich mich an die Kontaktsperre halten will.
Was man jeden Tag hat,kann man nicht vermissen also hoffe ich,dass ihm die Zeit zeigt,dass ich ihm doch was bedeute.
Er kommt aus Kroatien und ich aus Deutschland und wir haben uns immer auf englisch verständigt.

03.02.2011 14:13 • #3



*Laura mal in den Arm nimmt und knuddelt*
Gut das du das nicht an Ihn geschickt hast.
Du verdienst auf jeden Fall etwas Besseres, das kannst du Mir glauben.

Buch zu
Hebel umschalten

liebe Grüsse Ralf

03.02.2011 18:21 • #4


Ralf ich weiß
Aber es ist so einfach es zu sagen und so schwer es zu tun.
Könnte ihm schon wieder tausend Dinge schreiben.
Vielleicht schreibe ich den Brief dann auch wieder hier damit ich es los bin,denn das befreit ein klein wenig...

03.02.2011 18:38 • #5


Hör auf damit dich selber zu quälen sonst bekommst den Ar. verhauen.

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I was dream of you again.
Every day,every hour,every minute,every second you are in my head.
My life is not the same without you.
As you come in my life i was full of happyness only pure and intensive happyness.
Now i dont have you anymore and it is like you died.
The person who i love most is dead.
I know that you was not the person who i thought cause you show me your real face as you end with me.
You show me that you only play a game with me and that you never care and never love me.
My mind knows all that but my heart dont follow.
All here is full of memories-memories of you
It is like someone burn all the words you ever said to me in my soul and i cant forget.
You remember our night at Sylvester?
I was think at 00:00 o clock that now the best rest of my life is started.
That i marry the man of my dreams in 2011 and that you think exactly like me.
Our s. was wonderful and i ever feel free with you.
I know that you ever think that all that was not enough and you ever scare that i go to other but thats stupid.
With you it was the perfection.
I dont care about tomorrow when you was on my side.
When i look in my garden i start cry.We want build my garden and i ever hope that it is one time not only my garden-that it is ours.
That i can share all with you.

What is happend in your life that you are like that now?
I feel that you want run away from something but i dont know what it is.
I ask myself if that what you told me is all the truth cause i cant immagine that you realy love your ex and give all up with me for that.
When you want be with your ex you dont send your datas in houston for go in war.
That will not help to forget something so what you are afraid of?
From what you run away?What makes you scare so much?

Baby it is so hard for me to realise what goes wrong with us.
On what point you stop loving me?
On what point of our way you start go alone in a other direction then me?
Why you dont say something before and share your worries with me that i can help you,change something,or only can prepair myself for the end of our relationship.
Iam so sorry and i wish i could turn back the time.

You remember as we say good bye in Frankfurt?
At that time i was sure that i see you again but when i could know in that second that it is the last time that i touch you or that i feel your lips,believe me that i wish that i do it other.
Better and more intensive
You gave to me the perfect love!

You remember as you send me that song Uzalud sunce sja from Opća Opasnost and say to me that you dont feel good without me?
That you are nothing when you dont be with me?

I am waking up from a dream,
I was dreaming of you, again
I was dreaming of you,
Outside sun is shining, and I would dissapear
I would so rather dissapear,
This city is still same old city
in which everybody knows everybody
I am still trying to stay the same, but I am not doing well,
without you it cant
Sun is shining in vain
when in my heart its raining
I cant see the sky from clouds,
since i dont have you anymore
Sun is shining in vain when all around me is just night,
you could bring morning but you wont come,
Days are passing nothing is changing,
nothing is changing,
I am thinking of you its like a habit like a cursed habit
This city is still same old city
in which everybody knows everybody
I am still trying to stay the same,
but I am not doing well, without you it cant
Sun is shining in vain, when in my heart its raining
I cant see the sky from clouds,
since i dont have you anymore
Sun is shining in vain when all around me is just night
you could bring morning but you wont come
(in vain) when in my heart its raining
I cant see the sky from clouds,
since i dont have you anymore when all around me is just night,
you could bring morning but you wont come you will never again come

I listen to that song every day and it is like they wrote that song for me.
It is exactly what i feel for you and what i think.

I know you dont care and for you its easy but not for me.
I was want give you everything and i still cant understand that all.
I was want show you real love!

Tomorrow i will pack all my memories in a packet and send it to you.
Memories are no memories when only one person remember all that.
I dont want memories-I want you

Im so sorry for you that you cant see when a person means all honest and true with you like me.

06.02.2011 13:23 • #7


Ich freu mich Für Dich, wenn es Dir gut geht.


06.02.2011 13:29 • #8